Good Morning Beautiful People…Celebrate The Life Of Martin Luther King Jr. And You Too Dream Big!


Celebrate The Life Of Martin Luther King Jr. And You Too Dream Big!

Good Morning beautiful people, good morning. This morning I will drive a young man to the airport that has a dream. His dream is to build a hospital in a third world country. This young pre-med student has a dream and a destiny that only God Himself could direct. I will speak into his life this morning and encourage him on the journey. You got this, nothing is going to stop you, you go boy. You know the man that walks on the water, Jesus. You can walk on the water too. He will even part the red sea for you. We both laugh, but know God Himself will order our footsteps right into destiny, if we will follow His leading.

Today we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr. I am so thankful for this man’s life and his dream. He was a man willing to pay the price. As we remember His life today and the many accomplishments he made, let us too dream big. Let us too seek our God and His plan. Then step out.

I too have a dream. I have a dream that every life would have the ability to live. Whether in the womb or in the aging years, God Himself would be the only one to determine the number of breaths each life will  take.  That my friend  will be according to His Word in Psalm 139.  I dream about Roe v Wade being overturned. I dream that people will no longer come to America to terminate the lives of their unborn children.  I am no longer just dreaming. I speak about it, I pray about it and I am a voice for the unborn.

I must tell you about a funeral I recently attended.  I heard the angels singing with a young woman as she sang with no music accompanying her. Her voice accompanied with angels was a sound like no other as she sang to her sister, The Rose, for the last time. The daisy flowers  on the tables at the reception following made my heart skip a beat. The petals were so white that God Himself orchestrated for this young women’s celebration from earth.  Cystic Fibrosis didn’t identify this gal. She lived her life and was a joy to everyone, I was told. Although, I never met her, I have the privilege of calling her precious mom my friend.

Today, dream big, dream bigger than yesterday and keep believing. Celebrate life,  celebrate love and celebrate each other.  Life is valuable, cherish it. 



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