The ABQ Journal and KOB TV are reporting this morning that 23 jurisdictions across America received letters from the Department of Justice. Bernalillo County New Mexico was one of several government agencies to get a letter from the Justice Department, which even threatened subpoenas to those who do not provide information regarding the immigration status of people held in custody.

KOB TV Report and ABQ Journal Report

We are praying for peace and unity in the name of JESUS! Amen!

We used to have a a clear, peaceful way here in America for immigration. It is all of our faults that it fell apart. Confusion is not of God, here in America we have created confusion because we have gotten away from Biblical principals and following the ways of God and laws that were put in the books years ago.

It is not only immigration that we have messed up as a country, but our political system is broken, we are a very confused Country, not knowing right from wrong. America as a whole has chosen to rely on the flesh, not God.

We have created a mess for so many families.

The answer is not politics, the answer is always JESUS!

This latest government shut down was another example of a system that is broken.

Abortion is another issue that we here in America allowed politics to rule, God’s babies die.

By the way is anybody paying attention to our nations debt? I don’t think so, but a few of us are. You may want to check it out.

The Democrats and Republican parties do not represent the people of America, oh yes a few do, but as a whole they are only interested in what is good for themselves.

These parties will not solve our serious problems, only God can.


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