Windom Revival Radio Program Now on KRRW Country 101.5 in St. James!


We are so very excited in our LORD that the Windom Revival Radio program is now on KRRW Country 101.5 in St. James Sundays at 8:10am!!! PTL

I asked you all to pray for us earlier today, for the Lord’s Will to be done in this matter! Let us praise HIM for what HE has done! YES! We start this Sunday on KRRW this great FM radio station that has a great coverage area in southwestern Minnesota!

We wanted to inform you of a program change for the Windom Revival Radio program effective this Sunday.

KDOM Radio in Windom, Minnesota split their AM/FM programming this week. Our program will be on KDOM 1580AM at our regular time of 7:45am Sunday. Please make sure and tell your friends we are not on KDOM FM anymore, only KDOM AM, we are sad about the change, but we do understand their desire for separating the AM/FM. Having spent much of my life in radio management, I understand.

I want to remind you that we are also on KWOA AM730 and FM 100.3 FM out of Worthington. KWOA airs the Windom Revival Radio program at 5am on Saturdays and at 7am Sundays.

Just a reminder, please help us spread the word in the Windom area about the KDOM change.

Please keep us in your prayers! Thank you!

Merry Christmas to all!

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