Become a Marveller, Mover and Messenger


Merry Christmas everyone! This morning I want to share with you my Christmas message for 2017 that God has given me. This is the classroom of God, so please take notes. I will be teaching from Luke 2. I want to encourage us all to be a marveller, mover and messenger. What are you anticipating this Christmas? Are you excited for what the Lord may do in your life? Are you bored with the Christmas story? Are you running around like a chicken with its head cut off? Are you all stressed out with the busy work of the holidays?

As kids we anticipated Christmas. Do you still anticipate great things? When we look at the life of Simeon and Anna they were filled with anticipation and excitement, as they waited for the Promised Messiah!

Simeon was waiting for comfort and Anna was waiting for forgiveness. What are you waiting for?

Is God prompting you to do something? You will never know unless you have a close relationship with our Lord. Now is the time.

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