Dear Friends of FGGAM,

We are in AWE of GOD! Sometimes you just sit back in silence in AWE of GOD! Sharon and I thank you all for your support of the work that God has assigned us to do for HIM! This is not of us.

Happy New Year!

Life Verse for Founding Pastor Dewey Moede:

“But my life is worth nothing to me unless I use it for finishing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus—the work of telling others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God.” -Acts 20:24

We want to thank those that have sent year end gifts to the ministry to help prepare us for 2018. Your love touches us so deeply. Those of you who have sent love cards, Christmas cards, have encouraged us in so many ways.

What do you say to people that really impact your life like you do to us? Sharon and I send the love of JESUS to all of you!

Last night I got a note from a young man who used to work for me years ago, saying, “Dewey, I am using what you taught me in my new business” We received a love offering from a lovely woman of God and her Godly husband from Ohio, who worked for me back in the late 80’s or early 90’s. I also got a Christmas gift from a young man who worked for me back in the late 90’s. You see I have been very blessed.

This has been a huge impact on me in many ways….we must always treat people in the love of Jesus, as people remember how we treated them as the years go by. We can have such a Godly influence on people, if we chose to do so. Spend time with people. You may impact them for a lifetime.

Impacting people in a Godly way to me means being able to guide them in life, correcting them with ‘tough love’. We used to use that term years ago, ‘tough love’, now our present society may fear that as some kind of abuse. It seems term I used to use as a Dad, leader, manager, Preacher, are no longer used in our present culture.

Tough love means firm love, but firm direction, correction, discipline, guidance, all that sort of thing. You do it out of love for that person. Doing what God has told you to do for that person so that they can succeed at life. Now, too may are afraid to disciple others as they are mixed up on what society deems as acceptable. Don’t let that mess you up, seek God and He will show you what to do, do not weaken.

We are paying dearly in our world for not practicing ‘tough love’.

Yes, I have upset people with telling them the truth in Jesus, with all the love I can, but people do not always accept my advise. Some have returned years later to say, “I am thankful you for what you told me what you did years ago.”

Today’s Body of Christ needs to learn, ‘tough love’

To many people speak ‘nothing noise’ into others, just to appease people and be popular in this culture. They do not want to upset the apple cart, as we used to say. That is not of God. God wants us to help each other, wants the Body of Christ to encourage and correct each other in the love of Jesus.

Last night I got a call from Brian Miller who worked for me back in the late 80’s and early 90’s, his Mother Betty passed away Wednesday night in South Bend, Indiana. Betty was a Godly woman, she was 90 years young! Brian and I are great friends, in fact are families spent a few Christmas Days together. I really got to know Betty and her hubby Bert. Please keep Bert, Brian and all of the family in your prayers.

It seems the years and people are running together for me, do you experience that? Where as, I look at my friends from Windom, Minnesota and now in New Mexico and they all come together in thought and prayer, they are no longer divided by years….they are all one family to Sharon and I. We see them together as a family of God.

I am in AWE of GOD how he has given me so many friends all over the globe!

The love out of the Windom area just blows Sharon and I away.

I can say that about Albuquerque, Reserve, Edgewood, Quemado, Magdalena…..etc…..

God is so good to Sharon and I.  I always say that I just try not to do anything stupid. There seems to be a record amount of stupid in our world at this time. That’s why we all need to keep grounded in JESUS! AMEN!

I would like you to pray on some things for me and Sharon. GOOD HEALTH for us both. GODLY WISDOM ALWAYS, GODLY DISCERNMENT ALWAYS, also please pray for this book project that I am do be doing and have not been doing a good job at!!! LOL! Ryan Freeman who worked for me years ago is a published author and wants to ghost write my life journey. I start and I stop, I start and I stop.

Ryan wants me to get going on this book, but I always seem to have another counseling session to do or someone is in a crises……….Thank you for your prayers on this matter and all matters.

This New years Eve will find me preaching at FBC in Magdalena, NM at 11am Sunday! Please pray for my message.

Please pray about becoming a donor to FGGAM. We are a non-profit, 501c3. Thank you for praying over that and seeing what God would have you do.

When I awoke at 3am today found that our Dear Sister in Christ, Kelly Snelgove  was sharing this post that I wrote this week……..I would like to share to with you……By the way we are so very thankful for Kelly, who shares the Word of God at FGGAM.ORG everyday!

Good morning Dear Brothers and Sisters of Christ from ABQ at 5am this morning! God has given me the theme for 2018 at for God’s Glory Alone Ministry, Be messengers to the world, tell the world about me. We will continue to do so. All Glory to God!
Last night the Lord reminded me that He had instructed me to center my Christmas sermon around being a messenger for HIM. So that is where my heart is to keep proclaiming the good news around the globe!

We have around 40 volunteers, who serve with the heart of God. Managing the website is a full-time job in itself. Thank the Lord for Pastor Paul Holt who maintains the site, Pastor Paul has been so vital to the ministry. I have learned much over the years from him and Isaac, who came back for a bit to give the site a “tune-up”!

We are all called to carry out the Great Commission, FGGAM is doing it with the help of all of our Godly writers. We may be based in New Mexico, but God is using this ministry to reach all over HIS world!

Everyday this site spreads the Good news to the world, HIS love and HIS Word and ways.At the end of November FGGAM.ORG website had received 529,140 visitors this year. We are on track to have reached 4 million people since we started FGGAM just over 5 years ago. PTL!

The top countries that visit FGGAM.ORG in order are: U.S., Turkey, Russia, Great Britain, Japan, Canada, Israel, France, Germany, Poland, China,India, Brazil, Ukraine, Philippines, Italy, Indonesia, Australia, South Africa, Malaysia, Pakistan, Chile, Ireland, and the Netherlands.
All stats are made available to us by AWSTATS.

That is what I call being a messenger to the world for our LORD!
I just wanted to remind myself, our volunteers, and our supporters what God is up to here at FGGAM. All my sermon podcasts reach the world for Jesus!

Our radio ministry program is now on 4 stations in southwestern Minnesota. One in New Mexico, the HUB of NM.

This is all of God, I just try not to do anything stupid. I have the best partner in the world, my wife, Sharon.

We have the best friends in the world! Amen!

Please continue to pray for all of us as we go forth into 2018, our 6th year. Pray for our protection, as a messenger of God.

We love you all so very much!

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