Happy Thanksgiving! My Report on The Windom Revival

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Pastor Dewey and Sharon Moede:
My life is worth nothing unless I use it for doing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus. Acts 20:24 


To Dewey’s Daily Cup

Dear Family of God,

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
Son Lars is home with us from Chicago! PTL!

It has been a long time since I wrote you. I have been getting some good rest since I returned from my beloved hometown of Windom, Minnesota.
Thank you for your understanding. I am listening to Sharon and the Doctors to get rest. I have over extended myself here in 2017. I am going to cut back a bit here in November and December.
I am in Awe of what God did before I got to Windom and during my stay and afterwards. I got to preach at the American Lutheran Church in Windom, the Church where I built my foundation in Christ, where I was baptized and confirmed. It is the Church where my dad was the head usher for 39 years. Where my Mom and Dad always sat in the same pew! It is where the funeral for Dad and Mom was. So many memories.
Then for Pastor Sarah allowing me to preach on that Sunday, well, I just cried. My gift from God. God will take you full circle if you let Him. It is a wonderful ride! Amen! I shared on how important the American Lutheran Church of Windom was to me and how important the body of Christ is. All people, whether they know it or not need a Church and a Pastor.
The individual ministry in Windom is what I will remember, meeting with people one on one. Then to close the Revival with so many asking for individual prayer will stick with me for all my days. Also the very touching testimonials, life changing stories of Jennifer Anderson on how God saved her life from Meth and prison, Pat Dunnick on how the Lord turned her life and hubby Butch’s life around from a bar life to a life for Jesus,, Rodney Byam shared on his journey searching for Jesus, Rick Fredrickson on how God has called him to be a Pastor and hearing Gene Duerksen speak, a wonderful man of God who has had so many trails, but the strongest faith ever! All the music provided by Shari Johnson and her preaching, Pat Fisher, Lynn Stoneking, and Barney Wall, oh! such wonderful music for God! I got to see many friends and make new friends. God has taken me full circle.
And the Sunday afternoon, when a special lady accepted Jesus. Click on this link to watch the interview KAZQ TV did with me about the Windom Revival:  https://fggam.org/2017/11/watch-here-for-pastor-dewey-on-kazqs-spectrum-program/

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