This week Angel Murchison interviews Evangelist Nathan Pimentel. Nathan has traveled all over North America for more than a decade with one purpose, to see lives transformed by the power of the Living God. Nathan’s firm conviction is that we have been handpicked by God to live in the greatest hour the church will ever experience. We have been entrusted and commanded to display the saving, healing, and delivering power of Almighty God
Christ is coming back soon! We have a limited amount of time left and Nathan is determined to reach as many as he can through every means made available: Television, Radio, and area wide evangelism. “Souls are our priority and this generation shall be saved!”
Nathan has appeared on Total Christian Television (TCT), KBRT, and Broken FM
” I am determined to not only see this generation saved, but also, see them walk in the fullness of what God has made available for us”

Then listen in to a teaching by Evangelist Nathan Pimentel “Keys to the Kingdom” a two part series by Evangelist Nathan Pimentel on Destiny Moments. Angel states Nathan is one of the most powerful voices she had heard in the world today. Wherever Nathaniel and Mary Ann are, lives are transformed by the power of God.

You can check out his website at and listen to other podcasts. Nathan and his wife Maryann reside in Maine.

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