(Ghost) Writing for Dewey

Ryan P Freeman to Help Ghostwrite Dewey's Book

Happy to announce I’ll be ghostwriting and helping #indiepublish Dewey’s long awaited book!
(you know, the one we’ve all been on him to publish ever since ever…)
#ghostwriting #ministry #amwriting #lifestory

As a multiply published fantasy author, author marketer, and editor, I’m happy to help Dewey finally GET THAT BOOK OUT! If you’ve known Dewey for any length of time, then you know just how many of us have been bugging him over the years to ‘write a book’. Well, with a little help, he’s gonna do it! Encourage him to keep getting his book ideas and thoughts down so together, we can help him see this one through!

If you’d like to learn more about me and my fantasy books, feel free to check out my author website; in addition, if you’re feeling like Dewey where you know there’s a book in you (and we all know we do at one point or another) and are serious about getting it published (or just finding out more about the process), let’s get in touch! – you can contact me on my aforementioned website.


Ryan P Freeman



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