Trust All to Him

Trust All to Him by Dr. Michelle Bengtson

What do you think when you read the scripture, “trust in the Lord with all your heart…?”

It says to trust with All Your Heart.

What do you think that means?

Does it mean I should:
Trust Him with my entire heart?
The parts I hide?
The parts I hide from?
The fearful parts?
The insecure parts?
My present — today?
My yesterdays and tomorrows?
Do I trust that He can actually cause good to come from my past?
Trust in the Lord with all your heart…that’s big.

Then, there’s the next part of the verse, “and lean not on your own understanding.
I am naturally a do-er, problem-solver, go-getter, achiever that’s also an independent spirit. How do I not lean on my own understanding? How do I not figure it all out on my own?

What I did figure out was when I tried and tried to figure it out on my own, it left no room for “and lean not on your own understanding.” What I was doing was not Biblical.

Not leaning on my own understanding means relinquishing my power. It means placing my trust in God. Trusting God brings freedom.

“in all your ways submit to Him,”

All My Ways. There’s that word again, ALL.
Submit to Him in every single one of my ways.
Not half-way. Not with half of my heart.
All the way. With my whole heart.

Are there areas in my life that I haven’t whole heartedly submitted to God? I don’t even have to ask myself that question, really. Until I’m willing to recognize these areas and submit in “all my ways,” I’ll keep circling the same lesson. I’ll stay right where I’m at without advancing.

“and He will make your paths straight.”

When I trust and submit to Him with ALL my heart and ALL my ways, He’ll make my crooked path straight.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight” (Proverbs 3:5-6).

He does require something from me first before He acts. Trust. I must trust Him with all my heart. Then, I must submit in all my ways. Afterwards, He’ll show me which way to go and make my crooked path straight.

Have you trusted your ALL to Him? Will you do that today?

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  1. This scripture is our life scripture!! The Lord has spent many years helping me/us learn how to trust Him. I love what you have said here. Oh we had our areas that we hung onto also that we did not want to give over to the Lord but it wasn’t long until we did because we wanted Him to make our paths straight. We want to walk in His Way and trust Him in everything we do. Thank you so much for this message! We recite Proverbs 3:5-6 daily as a part of our morning prayer time. Love and appreciate you so much!!!

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