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Wednesday, September 20, 2017
To: Friends & Supporters
From: Gary L. Bauer
About That Speech. . .
President Trump’s address to the United Nations General Assembly yesterday is still making headlines.  Conservatives (including some neo-cons who have not been Trump fans) are cheering while the left-wing media are apoplectic.
For example, Reverend Franklin Graham wrote this:  “Thank God we have a president who … is not afraid to speak truth to the whole world.  It made you proud to be an American.”  Conservative commentator Erick Erickson said Trump’s U.N. address was his “best speech so far.”
Left-wing media elites did not see it that way.  CNN’s Jim Acosta blasted the speech as “tweets strung together” and “saber-rattling” and “threats.”  Vanity Fair denounced it as a “maniacal soliloquy.”  The Baltimore Sun editorial board asked:  “Who’s the madman, Kim Or Trump?”
But the award for the most hysterical reaction goes to ABC’s Terry Moran, who said Trump’s strong warning to North Korea “borders on the threat of committing a war crime.”
Now consider this for a moment:  During his 2014 U.N. address, Barack Obama cited the riots in Ferguson, Missouri, noting that our critics would say, “we too have failed to live up to our ideals; that America has plenty of problems. . .This is true.” He made this statement six months before his own Justice Department declared “hands up, don’t shoot” was a lie.
In his last U.N. address, Obama criticized America’s “patchwork of laws that makes it harder to vote.”  That would be voter ID laws supported by the vast majority of Americans.
Obama made these statements before an audience filled with corrupt dictators, many of whom do not think twice about throwing political opponents in jail and stifling basic human rights.  He criticized our voter ID laws in front of tyrants who hold rigged elections, if they hold elections at all.
Obama’s U.N. speeches were hailed by the media, while Trump’s defense of America is denounced by the media as threatening a war crime.  The real war crime would be if some third world tyrant nuked an American city and the president of the United States failed to destroy that enemy in response.
Have any of these progressive journalists criticized a foreign dictator as vehemently as they have criticized Donald Trump?  Have they ever called out the ayatollah of Iran for threatening a second Holocaust?
And speaking of Obama, virtually every media outlet yesterday had at least one former Obama official on, including former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, all blasting Trump’s address.  Yet these were the very people who continually gave North Korea a pass, allowing it to become a nuclear power that is now threatening to turn America into ashes!
They repeatedly kicked the can down the road and allowed themselves to be duped.  Now they have the chutzpah to criticize Trump for attempting to clean up the mess they helped make.
Eight years of Barack Obama has created a radical left that thinks it is okay to silence conservatives and can’t find a dictator anywhere in the world it despises more than the elected president of the United States.
A Teachable Moment
There is a disturbing video making the rounds on social media.  It shows an entire football team taking a knee during the National Anthem Sunday.  What really depressed me was that this was a youth team of eight year-olds.
Coach “Doc” Gooden explained that one of boys on the team asked him about the latest round of rioting in St. Louis.  The boy reportedly said that people were rioting, “Because black people are getting killed, and nobody’s going to jail for it.”
Gooden said, “I felt it was a good teaching moment for me to circle the team and have a meeting.”  He added that the kids on the team decided to follow Colin Kaepernick’s example.  Really?  That’s what you decided to teach these kids, coach?
Of course, there is a time and place to protest injustice.  There is also an appropriate time and place to teach the truth.  The football field probably isn’t that place.
Those eight year-old boys are greatly blessed to have been born in America.  With hard work and perseverance, they can accomplish virtually any goal they set for themselves.  What a tragedy that at this young and impressionable age they are being taught that America is a land of injustice and bigotry.
Outrage Of The Week
Check out this picture:


In such a divided country, it is rare to see that much joy on the faces of government officials.  What do you think these politicians are celebrating?  A solution to homelessness?  No.  Lower taxes?  Not a chance.  New business development?  Nope.
This is Oregon Governor Kate Brown (D) at a signing ceremony for a new law forcing every insurance company in her state to provide “free” abortions, which really means that everyone will be subsidizing abortions.  The law even includes a special $500,000 fund, courtesy of Oregon taxpayers, to provide abortions for illegal immigrants.
In a nation founded on the principle that we are all endowed by our Creator with the unalienable right to life, it is tragic to see any politician celebrating “free abortions.”  This is just one more disturbing reminder of how pro-abortion the so-called “progressive” movement has become.
L’Shanah Tovah

To all of our Jewish friends and supporters, Carol and I wish you a happy Rosh Hashanah!



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