From Dr.Richard Mansfield of New Beginnings Church in Albuquerque! Thank you so very much for this prayer!

Please pray for our children, teachers, school staff and parents as the school year begins…

Lord, thank You for always watching over us. As the new school year begins, we seek You and ask to put Your loving hand over every student, teacher, staff member and parents as they journey through this year together. Help them keep a healthy and safe learning environment. Keep every school campus safe and problem free. Keep all bullying, gangs, violence and harsh treatment completely away from our schools and communities. Give us students and teachers that want to be there to learn and teach. Provide every student and school with the proper resources to have an effective and prosperous school year. Let this year be the turnaround year for the New Mexico’s education system. We pray blessings over all of them in Jesus name!


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