We just got this from Apostle Barbara Gould, it makes me and Sharon cry tears of the Lord’s joy! The type of joy HE can only bring to us! Amen! Ever since I met Apostle Barbara we have so very blessed by her Godly wisdom! So very blessed to have her on the board of FGGAM.

Congratulations to Pastor Dewey Moede and
For God’s Glory Alone Ministries (FGGAM).
Five years of GOD’s Grace producing a ministry of excellence!!!


It has been an honor and a privilege to serve on the Board of FGGAM and see the marvelous, supernatural growth from its birth until now. The Hand of GOD has been on Pastor Dewey and Sharon as they have purposefully followed GOD’s plan for FGGAM.
As we prayed and shared together, Pastor Dewey and Sharon have proven to be an example of integrity and obedience to his Master, the LORD JESUS CHRIST!!! Also, he has not been ashamed to be transparent in sharing his lows and his highs.
Over five years he has faithfully built an online media presence throughout the United States and globally. This outreach, as well as Dewey’s Daily Cup has been a blessing to many lives. Then the LORD led FGGAM to have a revival in Windom, Minnesota and, behold, there was a Harvest of souls, YES, new births and restoration of many lives. There the LORD increased the ministry of FGGAM through regular radio broadcasts. I feel it is important to note Dewey’s wise and frugal approach to managing the finances of FGGAM.
Dewey is called Pastor because throughout the five years, he has been a nurturer to anyone who needs counselling, mentoring, and to experience the love of JESUS CHRIST!!! GOD has blessed Pastor Dewey with a compassionate heart that reaches out to meet the needs of those who are hurting.
We look forward to the wonderful works of GOD through HIS servant during the next five years.
Once again, Dewey and Sharon, congratulations on faithfully carrying out the “Great Commission” in so many facets as Holy Spirit led you.
Our prayers and best wishes are with you and FGGAM!!!

Apostle Barbara Gould,
Emmanuel Ministries International
& The EMI Love Center Rio Rancho & Albuquerque

We love you Sister! We love you more than you know and are in constant prayer for your continued healing!!!!!!! Sharon and I so much treasure you!

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