Good Morning Beautiful People… Are You On Shaky Ground Or Do You Believe?


 Are You On Shaky Ground Or Do You Believe?

Good morning beautiful people. I wanted to re-post this writing for you this morning from several years ago.

Are you on shaky ground or do you believe?  I guess that’s the question of the day. Recently, I revisited some book reports I prepared for the International School of Mentorship in 2007. Judy Jacobs and the IIOM team you are awesome.  I was blessed to be a part and strengthen my Believe there. It must be memory lane week as I spoke with a few ladies the other evening about a ministry opportunity I had journeyed a few years ago. I  was part of a team in another state that helped feed the homeless. As I walked up and down the sidewalks inviting people along the beach area for a hot meal at the pier, one woman explained, I’m cold I just want a blanket. I had helped pack the van that day and there were no blankets on board. So I did the only thing I knew to do,  I prayed with her for her a blanket. She then piped up and said now what, Is that blanket going to fall from the sky?  I told her probably not but I just prayed and believed, and the Lord would provide a blanket. After doing the inviting up and down that beach area, I  went across the street with another team member to some very nice hotels inquiring about a blanket. I tried to persuade several hotels to let me buy a blanket, give me a blanket, etc. but the policies don’t allow for such. I had just prayed and I knew the creator of the universe could provide his daughter a blanket.  I went back and joined the team and the anointed Annie Charles a former Aroostook Idol here in Maine sang a song and I spoke a few words about my love for Christ and where He had brought me from.  As we were putting the empty trays, etc.  in the van the lady approached me once again and inquired  where’s my blanket? I must say I didn’t have an answer, but I prayed and I believed with everything I had for her a blanket.  I went to the team leader to discuss the issue with him and he knew we had no blankets. He brought the whole team together as we closed in prayer, he inquired if anyone had any blankets. A few local folks joined the team late that I was unaware of and one lady spoke up and said she had eight blankets in her trunk. She gave me those blankets and as I walked up and down that beach area I felt like I was giving a million dollars to those eight people. The lady I prayed with cried, hugged me, kissed me with thanksgiving. I accepted her thankfulness but told her it was not me that provided the blanket, it was the man that answers prayer.  Somehow, I remember that moment in time like it just happened yesterday.

This morning I pack my suitcase to attend a woman’s retreat along with my pillows and blankets.  I take along the blanket I won at an Overcomers Conference  with a ticket I didn’t even buy. A friend had purchased a string of tickets and told me to pick one. I chose the middle one and she said that one was hers to pick another, so I did.  I had the winning ticket. The ladies hands that made this blanket I will wrap myself in this weekend are overcomers. They have been thru very hard trials, some drug addiction, some abusive relationships, others pain beyond words. I feel blessed to have won that blanket. It has reminded me every day we are overcomers.

So today what do you have need of ? More than anything you need a personal relationship with the man that created you. He said he would provide and He does. If He can provide a homeless woman a warm blanket on a cool evening, He can help others overcome. What do you have need of this day?  Can you Believe? Let’s pray..

 Father, I thank you for every reader across this globe today. God you are our provider. I lift each one up to you and I join my faith with theirs. Whatever they have need of Lord, you have the answer and the provision. I pray Lord you use me and everyone reading this post today to be a blessing to someone. We were created to be a team. Help us to be overcomers and help others overcome as well. We believe…

All things are possible only Believe.  Mark 9:23




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