I want to congratulate Pastor Dewey and the staff on their 5th year anniversary. Pastor Dewey is always seeking God’s heart and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide him and inform others of the truth.

As a legislator I could count on Dewey to pray and inform the people of what was going on and that we needed prayers.

Congratulations and continued blessings as you continue to do God’s work.

In Jesus name,

Nora Espinoza

By the way Nora has decided not to run for office at this time…….Nora posted this today on her Facebook:

Good Morning Dear Friends,
I want to thank you for your calls, emails and letters encouraging me to run for Steve Pearce position. I have been in prayer about this decision but I feel at this time I will not be running. We have great candidates in our party running and I will be praying for them. God bless you and thank you so much for your prayers. Blessings. Nora

We are praying for Nora, she deserves time off and rest from public office, Amen!

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