I am forever grateful to FGGAM and Dewey Moede for opening the door of opportunity to me.  At the time, I started writing for FGGAM I was just writing and sending it out to a few local email contacts.  Writing for FGGAM opened the door to reach a much broader base of people around the world.  This ministry is a great tool that God is using to spread the Gospel.  You will find many different writings and writers at FGGAM from all different walks of life and experiences.  As we all write from our own life journeys it reaches many people.  The greatest tool to reaching the world today is social media and FGGAM is using that tool, while giving opportunity to others to tell the world how good our God is through writing.  Thank you, Dewey, and FGGAM for running with the vision God has given you.  Keep striving, keep pushing forward as God expands your territory.  Happy Anniversary!

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