Happy 5th Birthday, FGGAM!

Happy 5th Birthday, FGGAM! Hope Prevails, Dr. Michelle Bengtson

There are many worthy ministries out there to support, and several I do. But when my friend and fellow writer introduced me to Dewey Moede and the For God’s Glory Alone Ministries family, it took little time for me to decide this was one ministry I wanted to support. In the three years I have contributed my time writing for FGGAM, I have come to see Dewey as one of the most generous men I’ve ever met, and he puts God first above all.

The team of writers and fellow ministers at FGGAM desire to educate, elucidate, and edify all to the glory of God. FGGAM not only inspires and encourages its readers in their faith journey, but also educates about our country, the political climate, and the world at large.

Dewey’s passion to set people free is contagious and inspires my passion to provide help and hope for those suffering from mental illness. Dewey and his ministry does everything with integrity and prayer—For God’s glory alone! Happy birthday FGGAM!

May God bless you with many more years positively impacting His kingdom for others’ good and for His glory.

Hope Prevails,
Dr. Michelle Bengtson


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