Happy 5th Anniversary FGGAM


Has it been 5 years already? Seems like just yesterday that I met Dewey Moede in the parking lot of his former radio station home, KKIM, several years before he left that job and founded FGGAM out of obedience to God.

Oh the places Radio Dewey has been, the places he goes…..and the places he has yet to log the miles. Whether the miles are literal (as he is a modern-day circuit preacher) or the spiritual miles of shining Jesus’ Light, Dewey is the embodiment of Jesus follower, servant, evangelist, and light to the world. He reaches the unreachable. He touches hearts and minds. He ENCOURAGES! And he partners not only with God, but with his wonderful partner and wife Sharon.

I have been blessed to be affiliated with Dewey as a friend, but also as someone who is encouraged by Dewey to share my gift of teaching. Whether is was through KKIM or through FGGAM, he has provided me an outlet for the lessons and insights God lays on my heart. I love that FFGAM has become an outlet for so many people who strive to serve God via the incredible venue of media. Dewey blesses those who give, and all of us with needs.

Happy Anniversary, Dewey and Sharon, and For God’s Glory Alone Ministries. Keep up the good work (which is often a good “fight”). Never tire of doing good. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and keep your hearts humble. You are well on your way to hearing the words “Well done, my good and faithful servant,” when you are greeted in heaven. Here’s to FGGAM and another 5+ years.

(c)2017 shona neff

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