Please Pray for Frank and Alice Haley!


This is from Pastor Steve Stucker:

I’m asking for love and prayer directed to my friend & dear brother Frank Haley. He & his wife Alice just found out their 45 yr old daughter Amanda died, from unknown causes. This is the second child of the Haley’s to pass away from this world, & my heart grieves for them. They are faithful, hard working, outspoken believers…& great examples to many of us. Frank, after ‘retiring’ from decades as a radio newsman, came back to spread the Good News on AM 730 every morning. Feel free to post your loving support for the Haley’s here, & if you know them, reach out in love & kindness, as they do their best to soldier on for Jesus.


Please pray for the Haley family, we love them so much, in Jesus name, Amen!

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