One (earthly) person, it seems to me, holds the political balance of this country in his hands. It is not Donald Trump. It is not the vice president, a Congressperson, or any collective majority thereof. No cabinet member, governor, mayor or councilperson fills the bill. It is not a media news head or a corporate multi-billionaire.

Many believe, and they may be correct, that Barrack Obama more than any other individual has succeeded in fundamentally transforming America. He, as an agent of change, greatly fanned the  economic, political, racial and social flame that has changed us. The Obama policies altered the fabric of traditional America, no doubt. No, he is not the one!

Hillary  Clinton lost the 2016 election because, among other things, she was incompetent. Despite her self asserted “Wonder Woman” comparison, she is an empty pant suit in disarray. Fellow Democrats, although mum, know that to be true! Certainly, it is not she!

The person of whom I speak is Robert Mueller III. As the newly ordained special counsel, Mueller, holds the reins that will guide the country toward political unity or into a chaotic chasm. Touted as an admirable bastion of virtue and integrity, Mueller’s resume of political connection cast with his choices of left leaning lieutenants brings doubt into the fairness equation. His longtime personal friendship with James Comey is a red flag that has, thus far, been held unfurled. Where are the lame, limping Republicans? Mr. Mueller should join with Attorney General Sessions and recues himself from this propped up probe.

A targeted investigation (prosecution) of Donald Trump on suspicion of obstruction of justice relating to Russia seems a stretch in a world where Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder  Lois Lerner (to name a few) are given a pass.

Here’s the point. If Mueller’s adventure into the Trump administration proves to be predetermined, (cut and dried), or even thought to be, the possibility of intense civil unrest exists. The vengeful rage, bitter acrimony and violence against Trump and other Republicans seen on TV, social media, on stage and in the ball park bespeaks insurrection! It is over the top and I suspect, unacceptable to those gun owning, Bible clinging Americans who voted for a non-politician and legitimately sent Donald Trump to the White House. Take note Mr. Mueller!

Pat Buchannan wrote a poignant article the other day that asked the question, “Are We Nearing Civil War?” It is a good but scary question. Is anybody paying attention?

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