This should never happen. Here in New Mexico we just had a family of four kill killed by a suspected drunk driver. This is from a post my Dear Friend Robin Prater in Missouri put on her Facebook today……..this should never happen……

Friends, please pray with me. Pray for my friend, Bobbie and her family. Tonight Bobbie will accept Donnie’s high school diploma. Donnie was killed at the sweet age of 15 by drunk drivers. It was early morn as he was waiting on the school bus and four men drinking and racing crashed into Donnie. It has been three years since that horrific day. This family was forced to walk a road no parent should have to accept. As you can imagine this momma, my friend, never imagined this night to be like this. We expected to see Donnie stand as his name was called and walk up on the stage in acceptance of his diploma. But this gift was taken away by drunk drivers. Tonight it will be Bobbie who sits with the senior class and stands for Donnie. Please pray for Bobbie as she prepares for this night. Graduation is at 8pm. Thank you all for praying. ❤️

Donnie we love you!!

Robin wrote this in Jan. of 2015 for FGGAM:

Bobbie and DonnieThis article is a continuation of my stories sharing about the unimaginable death and murder of 15 year old Donnie Tipton killed by a drunk driver while he innocently waited for his school bus to arrive. The Picture is of Donnie and his Mom.

I believe with all my heart that we have a voice and it is one to use to for the glory of God. I have written two articles to the Missourian newspaper and will continue to send in letters to the Editor each and every week as we gather and come together to fight for justice and to work diligently to change the laws in Missouri.

Here are those two letters to the Editor:

Letter to Editor: On Sept. 12 Donnie Tipton was killed by a drunk driver. Four cars racing. Not a care in the world for them. Donnie stood waiting for the bus as Ethan Humphries car hits and kills Donnie. (There is so much for me to share here, but space is limited). There were four cars racing on this day. Two of these cars carried passengers. It was Ethan Humphries who killed Donnie with his car, but why should the other three drivers of these cars have a lesser charge? Maybe just a mile down the road Ethan was in the back and another was in the lead as they raced. As they came around the curve it was Ethan who ran off of the road and hit Donnie.

For me, all four of these drivers should be facing the same charges because it was all four of them who participated in this action. They were together just as if three had gone into a bank to rob it and one remained in the get away car. All four would be found guilty of the same charge. When we are going to stand together and make examples out of these careless fools who care nothing about how precious life is?

It’s time to make changes in the law. It’s time to come together! If your caught drinking and driving your license should be pulled right there! If your caught racing and drinking, pulled right there. If your caught on the scene as a child lay with his mother next to him praying to God that her son isn’t dead, you need to have the fullest actions taken against you. And here lies the problem. There aren’t enough laws to stop these murderous actions from happening.

Please, what can we do? Who can we talk to to begin changing the law? Do we wait until it’s our child? Let us not allow another child to be hit and killed by a drunk driver. Let us bring about change, call it Donnie’s Law. Let us create a legacy for this young child who never got the chance to receive his driver’s license.

This community has reached out and blessed this family. Let us to continue by blessing young people across this state by making them safe and creating a better place for them to live and not to fear standing in their drive way.

Letter to Editor: Today I knelt down at 15 year old Donnie Tipton’s place of rest. A Christmas wreath stands. A Christmas his family was without him. No more Christmas presents given to this precious boy. Never again on Christmas day will his momma see him unwrap gifts under the tree. January 15 Donnie would have turned 16. A birthday every child longs for will not be because of a drunk driver. Never again will a birthday cake for Donnie grace the table of the Boyer family in celebration.

Ethan Humphries killed Donnie while drunk and racing. {In my opinion} there is no ‘alleged’ when caught at the scene of a senseless and selfish crime. Humphries still obtains his drivers license. He is still able to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. This is a crime to me. It is insanity. His license should have been revoked at the scene. When you murder an innocent child with your car isn’t that enough to have your license revoked? Why must there be a trial date first? Over and over again we are seeing drunk drivers hold on to their license. Ten times is insanity. One time is too many. All it takes is one time for a drunk driver behind the wheel of a vehicle and everything changes.

Nothing for this family will ever be the same. Kneeling at Donnie’s grave I made a promise to him that would help his mother fight for justice. Grass is beginning to grow where the Christmas wreath still stands. Please, don’t forget. Don’t forget Donnie and the others who have given their lives as selfish people still drive when they should never drive again. Friends, let us stand together. Don’t allow this to continue.

Stand with me in promise to Donnie that we will not stop until we see justice and change come so that no other life shall be taken from this earth in such a senseless and unshakable way. Justice and change will never come unless we begin to stand together and allow our voices to be heard. Let us be loud and clear that enough is enough.

Pastor Dewey Note: Thank you Robin for such a heartfelt message of love. For many years in ministry we have fought against drunk driving. We stand in the gap with you all for God on the sanctity of life. We continue to pray for Donnie’s family. Please read this report and pray for the sanctity of life, we have a horrible situation going on here in New Mexico, your prayers mean much!

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