Welcome to the Windom Revival Radio program! Today we conclude our series on “Where Do I Fit In”? This series is based on Mark 14:43-65. Before you go to Church today I would like you to read Mark 14:60-62. In this short section we see Jesus demonstrating His love for all of us. At first Jesus remained quiet when He was asked about the testimony that was being presented against Him. BUT……..

Ministry is all about God, not us..let people see Jesus when they see you.

My day yesterday from Sunday morning!…..On my way to FBC in Reserve, NM. Please pray for safety. Last week we almost got hit by two elk and a wolf! Pray for my message! Pastor Ricky is going with me! I pray I see many of my Catron County friends today! PTL! In the Windom area please listen to the Windom Revival Radio program on KDOM 1580AM and 94.3 FM at 7:45am today and on KWOA AM730 at 9am!

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