Grace, Poise & Elegance in The Pro-Life Movement – Elisa Martinez Executive Director New Mexico Alliance for Life


By Laura Rosecrans:

Going from Pro-Life event to Pro-Life event, I have the opportunity to take MANY pictures and capture many moments amongst our pro-life family. I love each and every one of those photos because they represent the amazing people we work with daily.

Every now and then God allows me to capture a picture that totally wows me. At the UNM Press Conference that was called by Congressman Steve Pearce and Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn – I was able to get this photo of Elisa Martinez, Executive Director NM Alliance for Life, walking off with US Representative Michelle Lujan Grisham who showed up unexpectedly at the end of the press conference & who has time and time again stood for the Pro Abortion side.

Elisa gently asked Ms. Grisham for some of her time to explain the reason we were out there yesterday – in a respectful and gracious manner and Elisa was able to secure an appointment to speak more of the issue going on between UNM & Southwestern Women’s Options late term abortion clinic.

May all of us in the Pro-Life movement learn a lesson from this amazing young lady – Elisa Martinez – and conduct ourselves with as much grace, poise and elegance when dealing with those on the other side. Thank you Elisa for being a leader to us all and for teaching this old dog a new trick! Go to NM Alliance for Life webpage to read all about the work they are doing for life in New Mexico.

From Elisa Martinez: After our press conference, I spoke woman to woman with Emily’s List endorsed, Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham, who happened to show up unannounced at the end of our event. I spoke today about the massive violation of women’s rights taking place in our state between UNM and Southwestern Women’s Option’s in their failure to provide lawful and valid informed consent for women to donate infant body parts. I challenged those in the audience who claim to stand for women’s rights to stand with us, to demand justice and action in this matter. I also approached the Congresswoman and asked her to help us as well, since she considers herself a defender of women’s rights, that I would like her to meet Jessica Duran. I asked for her help in furthering Jessica’s case. She said she would meet with us and introduced me to her staffer (in black) who appeared hesitant and bewildered to shake my hand, but did so and gave me her card. I look forward to following up with her office and meeting with her. This aspect of the issue should be a no-brainer for everyone and I believe we planted a seed today with the counter protestors who were bent on rude and disruptive behavior. But, when I explained this aspect of the issue as a women’s rights issue, a lack of respect for women– I am told many of the pro-choicers were nodding with me. They at least listened ,and who knows what God has in store next, but He is guiding our steps in this battle against the abortion industry and changing hearts… we are witnessing this unfold before our eyes. It was a really incredible day overall, despite those who sought to destroy it.

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