Another Happy Day…Angel’s Prayer Of The Day


Another Happy Day…

As I looked out my window this morning and a fresh blanket of snow has covered my yard, I began to wonder when it would be over for this season. I said to myself, oh well, it’s going to be a good day.


Father, thank you for cleansing our lives. Just like the fresh white snow, you take our lives and make something beautiful out of them. We have so much to be happy about, to be thankful for. The blood of Jesus paid for it all.

Today, we pray for everyone that has never experienced Your forgiveness and Your cleansing. We pray today is their day. Draw them Lord to yourself. Just like the blanket of white snow that has covered our city, may the spirit of the Lord fill the hearts and lives of the people that don’t know You.

Oh God, let today be their happy day. Amen

Have a blessed day beautiful people, share your faith.



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