Planned Parenthood Supported Democrats – Is It Any Wonder They Keep Shooting Down Life Bills


By Laura Rosecrans

Well it’s been quite the legislative session…once again a disaster when it comes to life bills. The pro-death camp is very well taken care of and regardless of what the PEOPLE want – New Mexico Democrats continue on voting against life and protecting the pro death abortionists and their killing.

I did a little digging into the Secretary of State’s New Mexico Campaign Finance Information System, a public web site that tells you what you need to know (if it hasn’t been covered up) on who supported the New Mexico Representative or Senator’s campaigns since they have been in office.

Not too surprising that when I looked under Public Reports and went to contributor’s tab and typed in Planned Parenthood…who should pop up? Democrat after Democrat after Democrat.

I was unable to find the Democrat house committee members that shot down life bills HB 220 (Late Term Abortion Ban), HB 221 (Parental Notification of Abortion) and last weeks HB 37 (Infant Born Alive Bill) YET but I was able to find the Democrat Senators that shot down the SB 183 Late Term Abortion Ban on 2/14/17 as well as MANY others paid off. This is the reason why the culture of death continues in New Mexico. How sad that someone can be bought off for so little (again unless it is being covered up).

Democrats names followed by District and amount Planned Parenthood bought them with in the 2016 Elections:

Those that shot down the Late Term Abortion Ban on 2/14/17:

Senator Mimi Stewart – District 17 – Bernalillo – $1,333.00

Senator Liz Stefanics – District 39 – Bernalillo/Lincoln/San Miguel/Santa Fe/Torrence/Valencia – $5, 754.81

Senator Jeff Steinborn – District 36 – Dona Ana – $3,115.59

Senator Bill O’Neil – District 13 – Bernalillo – $1,000.00

Other Democrats Given Money by Planned Parenthood in New Mexico by Region:

Representative Bealquin Gomez – District 34 – Dona Ana – $1,591.07

Representative Nathan Small – District 36 – Dona Ana – $2,237.00

Representative Joanne Ferrary – District 37 – Dona Ana – $4,229.00

Representative Rodolpho Martinez – District 39 – Dona Ana/Grant/Sierra – $ 987.00

Senator William Soules – District 37 – Dona Ana – $4,479.00

Representative Doreen Johnson – District 5 – Mckinley/San Juan – $1,000.00

Senator George Munoz – District 4 – Mckinley/San Juan/Cibola – $500.00

Representative Daymon Ely – District 23 – Bernalillo/Sandoval – $1,000.00

Representative Elizabeth Thomson – District 24 – Bernalillo – $3,537.00

Senator Daniel Ivy Soto – District 15 – Bernalillo – $2,737.00

Senator John Sapien – District 9 – Bernalillo/Sandoval – $ 1,237.00

Representative Stephanie Garcia Richard – District 43 – Los Alamos, Rio Arriba, Sandoval, Santa Fe – $3,3037

Other Interesting figures:

SECRETARY OF STATE – Maggie Toulouse Oliver – $2,500.00

Planned Parenthood Clinic on San Mateo & Marquette in Albuquerque paid the Planned Parenthood Votes $38, 931.97

Total amount showing that Planned Parenthood made sure it keeps it’s control on New Mexico Legislation = $249, 710.91 for the 2016 election year. These funds came in from the regional office in Denver and much from New York as well as Santa Fe Planned Parenthood.

Michael Sanchez who was dethroned showed the amount of $3,979.00.

I am guessing this figure is low due to Planned Parenthood hiding behind other names and organizations. 









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