Drama Queens and Kings! WOW! In the Church YES! In every culture and in most every Church there are people who are troublemakers. They always seem to be stirring things up! But there are also those people who are Peacemakers, who strive to be God-like in their lives! Amen! They work to promote right relationships that involve MERCY and FORGIVENESS and HUMILITY and KINDNESS and COMPASSION! How about you? Do you have RIGHT RELATIONSHIPS? Are you a PEACEMAKER? Let us conclude our sermon series based on Matthew 5:1-12

The teachings of Jesus give us a great deal to FEEL GOOD about! So, keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with sermons that help us feel good!

Every person who preaches or teaches or proclaims the Word of God should strive to maintain a balance between Biblical rebuke, correction, instruction and encouragement.

…..because Jesus just gave you several reasons why you should! AMEN!

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