This morning I want to share with you more from Matthew 5:1-12…..We need to humble ourselves before God! We need to learn to hate our sinfulness, to the point of mourning over it! We need to have strength under control! We need to crave righteousness! We need to forgive and show mercy just as we have been forgiven and shown mercy! We need to continually work to keep our thoughts, our hearts and our motives pure! We need to learn to be PEACEMAKERS!! AMEN!!

I want you to take note that Jesus said, “Peace makers and not Peace lovers”! There is a huge difference!

Most people love peace, but not everyone is willing to do what is needed to make peace!

I have been preaching about the Sanctity of Life, and how human beings are the only creations that were created in the image of God to reflect the person of God.

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