Senate Bill 183 – Late Term Abortion Ban Act Shot Down by New Mexico Democrats – Once Again


By Laura Rosecrans

When God Calls…On February 14, 2017, I was honored to be asked by Elisa Martinez with New Mexico Alliance for Life to be an expert witness at the Senate Public Affairs Committee regarding Senate Bill 183 – Late Term Abortion Ban Act that would make it illegal to have an abortion after 20 weeks gestation.

I was asked to speak on behalf of my fellow sisters who have been hurt by abortion as I was. I was asked to testify the ABORTION DOES INDEED HURT WOMEN especially when a mother is told by her doctor to make the choice of taking the life of her own child after 20 weeks gestation – after she has bonded with her child. Many times this is imposed on the woman by a family member or the father of the child and according to Planned Parenthood’s Guttmacher Institute, the MAJORITY OF LATE-TERM abortions are elective, for reasons like relationship and financial problems or the woman not knowing she was pregnant. There are better solutions for women.

Not only does she face the trauma of losing a baby – add to that the trauma of the death of her baby being at her own hands. Many of us who have abortions – almost 70% – are coerced into doing so many times by the abortion clinic itself. Remember: the abortion clinics have quotas to fill monthly to keep their clinic running. If a woman goes into the clinic undecided – what do you think the “counselor” at the clinic is going to push for? Adoption? Send them to the nearest pregnancy center like Care Net, Women’s Pregnancy Options, Origins Pregnancy Center (among the many)? Of course not. They are going to push for the abortion to meet their quotas. DO NOT BE FOOLED.

I speak to women daily that were coerced by the very abortion clinic – to have the abortion. If the abortion clinic REALLY cared about the woman – they would put counselors in place that are not paid for by the abortion clinic who have no vested interest what decision the woman makes (as Doctor Gregg Schmedes with the American Academy of Medical Ethics suggested in his testimony). If the abortion clinics REALLY cared about women – ALL options would be presented to the undecided woman.

Thank you to all who took the time to testify on behalf of this bill – Roberta Cheek Care Net Santa Fe, Glenda Miller & Cyndi Vandi Care Net Valencia County, Marcie May NM Pro-Life Author, Dr. Maryrose Turner and to all the many Pro-Life advocates who were there to show support for the bill.

Thank you to Senator William Sharer and Representative David Gallegos for standing for life and presenting this bill. Thank you to Elisa Martinez & Attorney Michael Seibel with New Mexico Alliance for Life for their hard work and hours and hours of investigation to expose the abortion climate in New Mexico. Thank you to Republican Senators Craig W. Brandt, Candace Gould & Stuart Ingle for your vote in attempting to pass this bill.

For the Democrat Senators who shot it down – Committee Chairman Gerald Ortiz y Pino, Bill B. O’Neill, Elizabeth Stefanics, Jeff Steinborn, & Mimi Stewart (who made the comment to me “the women who get abortions can get therapy afterwards anyway”) – May God have mercy on your souls for the continuing murder of babies and the wounding of NM women. 

You can watch the session by clicking here.

Go to New Mexico Alliance for Life for facts regarding this bill!

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