Oh my! What a tangled web we have woven, New Mexico is broke, How will the state stay afloat? ABQ Journal Report So the plan by Democrats is to raise taxes on vehicle sales, health care providers, online retailers and commercial trucking. I for one am against a tax increase to a State that cannot manage its money. Raising taxes on health care providers, who are already struggling? Come on! The leaders of New Mexico, past and present, have failed to diversify the economy, relying on gas and oil.

New Mexico has bathed in oil and gas and now is bathing in red ink.

A man told me yesterday that he has lived in New Mexico 32 years and nothing changes, just more dysfunction.

The Spaceport? The Rail Runner? Millions and millions have been wasted on these two projects. By the way…anyone heard of what they are going to do with both of these white elephants? How about shutting them down? Nobody is talking about the ongoing deficits of these two money pits. Gonna have to bite the bullet on these two!

We must come to realize this is a very serious situation in this state, basically New Mexico is broke! No money!

You can’t squeeze anymore more money out of a population that is already struggling to make ends meet.

It is so easy for Politicians to take the money of its citizens to solve the problems that they have helped create, or do nothing about. More of the same here in New Mexico.

If the common folk, like you and me, ran our household budget like these folks run the state we all would be in the poor house, and sadly many New Mexicans are already in the poor house.

I look at all this from an Independent view, I am a registered Independent as I beleive both parties have failed our state and nation. Fighting and name calling now rules for those folks.

As Mark Twain said, “The only difference between a democrat and republican is the spelling!”

Jesus is needed, Jesus is the only answer, always has been. Our instructions are in the Bible for every aspect of life.

I pray that more folks realize that there are ramifications from God for bad behavior, like killing babies. New Mexico has been and is killing God’s babies through abortion and we are experiencing the wrath of God. I will not list all the other ungodly behavior that faces the wrath of God. God will not bless New Mexico or the United States until it repents and behaves itself.

So many folks have such a big EGO, which stands for Edging God Out! That is what New Mexico and America continue to do!

And we are paying the price.

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