As I read this story today in the Albuquerque Journal my heart broke once again. Reading about Karina Leanos, a young mother who was killed by a drunk driver. Then I think of the Late-Term Abortion Ban that was defeated in committe yesterday at the Capital, babies continue to be murdered here. We are the abortion Capital. Then all the marijuana legislation being pushed at the NM Legislature, grieves my heart! So we have drunks on the road killing innocent people and we are a cashed starved state and want to make money off of pot heads. Pot heads driving will kill innocent people also. There is nothing Biblical about this! Families are being destroyed through this evil behavior. New Mexico is being destroyed! “I searched for a man among them who would build up the wall and stand in the gap before Me for the land, so that I would not destroyit; but I found no one. Ezekiel 22:30
  ABQ Journal Report

10 house bills relating to marijuana legalization this year:

HB 89 Cannabis Revenue and Freedom Act
HB 102 Marijuana Tax Act
HB 144 Industrial Hemp Research Rules
HB 154 Industrial Hemp Research and Development
HB 155 Medical Cannabis Research
HB 166 Exempt Hemp from Controlled Substances
HB 280 Industrial Hemp Research Rules
HB 334 Local Approval of Medical Marijuana Locations
HB 348 Medical Marijuana Tribal Agreements
HB 351 Define & Schedule Cannabidiol

Where are the morals of New Mexico?

according to Gallup, 72 percent of Americans say the state of morality in our country is “getting worse.”

 Breaking: SB 183, the Late- Term Abortion Ban Act was voted down in committee on party line vote 5-3. It was still a victory to be able to speak for women and unborn children and I’m proud to stand with everyone who supports our work. Thank you to all who testified, I can’t wait to share your stories, as there wasn’t a dry eye to see, especially Laura Rosecrans . Thanks to our bill sponsors Sen Bill Sharer and Rep Gallegos for all you do!feeling motivated with Dan Rosecrans, Laura Rosecrans and Bill Sharer.
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