Editors note: The inauguration has passed, but Dennis wanted to share this with you.

Why I Am So Happy About Donald Trump’s Inauguration As President

The inauguration event is now two days away. I have noticed many who were invited will not be attending. If the Trump administration wants to send two tickets for Wendy and I we would gladly attend. As it stands we will watch this on television with other John Doe people. Those who also are very happy about this occasion.
You see this super wealthy man is so like Frank Capra’s character’ Meet John Doe’ a film made in the 1940s. Only Capras John Doe was not a wealthy man . He, as is Trump, was a flawed man who caught the imagination of a people that he, John Doe, was simply not trying to be somebody he is not. How rare, especially as a public figure and especially in politics. Especially in the politics of 2017.

My purpose in writing this is not to say ” I told you so ” to those who do not like Mr Trump. My purpose is that for me to not share how glad I am would be for me to hide somewhere in the middle of the road. This fear based moderacy is what enables people to remain in an isolated world that protects one’s prejudices. I call this consensus thinking. Most of us are directly and indirectly trained to be this way. We right wing , left wing or no wing people all play it ‘so’ safe. We seek the mores of the culture and trick ourselves that we are being original. We want our candidates, employers , friends, spiritual leaders to be a mannequin of our own deepest need to stay the same. True change is frightening. I know this because I am a human too. Trump challenges us to be who we really are. We need to change so to find that something that is never changing in our humanity. Look at your baby pictures and see in you who you can be today.
You see Mr Trump does not operate in the way a consensus thinkers thinks . We seek a leader to keep the status quo even when the normal status is sorrowfully woe. Trump has tapped into something so rarely seen on planet earth. He has tapped into his own personal uniqueness because he saw a need and went for it.

We go on facebook ,but if we were honest we should call it ‘facemask.’ We all want to show our best especially for friends, but even here we almost always only share a bumper sticker expression of who we are. Trump came on the presidential scene at a time where every other candidate( save for Ted Cruz being one of a few exceptions ) was a bumper sticker mannequin for the status quo. He Trump could not be status quo. He could not when the norm in this last election was pure lawlessness disguised as ‘good and compassionate.’ Jesus said about our times “because of the increase in lawlessness the love of most would grow cold.” When I quote this I always get agreement that our times are cold. Obviously I am not referring to the weather, but refer to human cruelness and again I always find agreement here. Trump by being unique and not the moderate or progressive view of trendy tapped into what we commonly share. The “emperor” is not wearing clothes” the young child shouted. The obvious finally was being shouted from the mountaintops.

Trump saw the injustice of mankind to mankind. He revealed ( reflected is too moderate a description), he revealed a hope that was missing. If we people continue in seeking the norm when the norm is increasingly evil then the norm has to change. Ergo we have this flawed man and in his flaws championing for flawed people.
Only this flawed man was not afraid of not being ‘liked.’ I admit here how I love those likes on FB. He went way beyond social. A super successful businessman he saw the wrong. He organized and planned so that he could use his money and fame to lead a nation by reaching the John Doe that is in everyman. Everyman is John Doe if ‘everyman’ is willing to go back to the original design. Yes we all come from the same place. We are all made in the “image of God” We are not some amoeba in the swamp of survival of the fittest.

Frank Capra films always end up with its flawed George Baileys at the very end of themselves. In” Its A Wonderful Life ‘ George is ready to kill himself. After he has an encounter with real truth He seeks God to save more than his life, but to save him from his own misery. Yes it’s God Himself who raises up John Doe, George Bailey, George Washington, and Donald Trump. How about you, how about me too.

Mr Trump you have done a magnificent job of being Donald Trump. Because you are a member of the human race we all can learn from you . You are one man willing to operate in uniqueness. Because God made you a fellow human being we can see how we humans really have so much in common. God made us to be unique and not clones of one another. He also made us the same in essential ways so we can all have personalized knowledge of you Lord Creator.
If and as we tap into our uniqueness we can better stand alone against the fear of others not liking us. Ironically we can then truly serve people. Even if they hate us we can serve sanctified by your Son “who did not come to be served but to serve.” We salute you sir and pray God speed over your presidency and the United States Of America. Lastly, we pray upon you the deepest of connections into the living God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob , who raised you up just as He Himself was also raised up “for such a time as this.”

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Originally from New York, Dennis Cole completed his undergraduate degree at Northeastern University in Boston, Mass. in 1971 and studied acting in Boston and NYC where he earned his Actor's Equity membership in 1975 after completing several New York stage productions. He was saved from the "Broad Way that leads to destruction" in 1983. After entering through the Narrow Gate that leads to life, he was called into ministry. In 1986 he attended Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton, Mass. and completed his Master of Ministry degree 2 years later at Azusa Pacific Graduate School of Theology in southern California in 1988. That same year he and his wife Wendy entered into full time pastoral ministry. Dennis was a senior pastor from 1988 until 2002 in churches in California, Oregon and Michigan and Indiana., In 2001 Dramatic Christian Ministries was founded and became a full time ministry organization in 2002. He now travels extensively throughout the United States and other parts of the world presenting the Bible in the first person through acting. Dramatic Christian Ministries and the Narrow Gate Theatre bring the Bible in the first person to people in order to fully minister the Word of God. The focus of this drama ministry is to equip and uplift the church and to show the way to eternal life to the unsaved. Acting according to His Word invites people to encounter the Bible as it was first "breathed" by the Holy Spirit. Dennis also teaches acting in his recently started school and is involved in producing and directing live theatrical performances in Albuquerque, NM.

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