Who Is That Bethlehem Babe?


Who Is That Bethlehem Babe?

Pastor Randall Floyd

Clayton Aseemby of God, Clayton, NM

I have been teaching and preaching the Gospel for a little over thirty-six years. And I am still amazed at how often I find something “new” and fresh on its pages. Such was the case just a few nights ago. I was headed home from an errand when I turned on the radio and a nationally known preacher was just winding up his program. His sermon was apparently part of a rather lengthy series, but the two or three minutes I heard of the end of the program piqued my interest. I pulled out my Bible the next morning, turned to the chapter he had preached from, and immediately began to receive my “Christmas sermon” for 2016.

So, here it is in written, shortened form. To begin, get your Bible and slowly, carefully, and thoughtfully read Colossians 1; not once, but read it two or three times, savoring every phrase, every description of Jesus Christ in that chapter. In fact, before you read the rest of this article, why not take paper and pen and write down every name, characteristic, and description you find that relates to Jesus. You might very well find more than what I will list below. And, once you find them, meditate on them and allow them to penetrate your heart and mind.

Now, I will give you my simple list, taken from verses 13-20 of Colossians 1. What I discovered here is a wonderful description of what God the Father really gifted us on that first Christmas so long ago. Enjoy, and may you have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Who was that Bethlehem Babe? He IS:

  • The Son, Loved by the Father.
  • The Ruler of God’s Kingdom.
  • The Giver of Redemption and Forgiveness of Sins.
  • The Image of the Invisible God.
  • The Firstborn (primary in importance) Over All Creation.
  • Creator of All Things and Beneficiary of All Creation.
  • Head of the Body (the Church).
  • In His Flesh, He Is the Tabernacle (Dwelling) of God’s Fullness.
  • Our Reconciler With God.
  • Our Peace-Giving Sacrifice.

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