What Must I DO In 2017?

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     Where do the people come from who accomplish great things in life? Where does God find the people to get the hardest jobs done? Do you wish that you could accomplish more in your own life? I can tell you how – “get in the wheelbarrow”. You say, “huh, what are you talking about?” OK, here we go!

After spending years of studying history and the lives of hundreds of successful people, I have found this to be true in almost every case – God uses ordinary people just like you and me to accomplish great things, and He give us the power to do it.

     Look at some of the people in the Bible. Moses didn’t want to be the one to talk with the Pharaoh – he said that he had a problem with his speech, but God sent him anyway. And with God’s Help, the mighty Pharaoh didn’t have any trouble understanding what Moses had to say.

     Look at King David. When the prophet Samuel searched the land looking for the next king of Israel, God sent him to Jesse’s house and asked to see all of his sons. But Jesse left David out – clearly his own father didn’t think that David was king material. It wasn’t until Samuel asked, “Are these all of the sons you have”, that Jesse told him about David. Jesse, David’s own father, didn’t see David’s potential to do great things – but God did.

     Even Jesus Himself didn’t pick the most gifted and educated men to be His disciples. In fact, He picked men who were so ordinary that later when two of His disciples, Peter and John, talked to the religious council, they were literally amazed at just how boldly and powerfully they spoke.

     Think about this – why does God use ordinary people to do His great things when there are so many gifted and extraordinary people to choose from? Its because so many times God has a hard time using people who are so full of themselves that and they don’t leave any room for Him – here’s the sad part – smart, gifted people who spend their lives attempting to do great things in their own power, truly miss the opportunity to do even greater things – with God’s Help.

     But you say, “Jerry, where do I start? How do I know what to do?” Of course, everything starts with prayer. How often do we say, “Well, I guess there’s nothing we can do but pray.” Wow, that’s all we can do? That should be the first thing we do. 
     Think about it, the God of all the Universe, the God Who made everything, Who Is Everything, is anxious to talk with us about His bigger plans – wow! We pray, you bet we pray – and once we have prayed, then what do we do? That is it exactly – 
                                                                 we DO. 

                                                     We don’t try, we DO.

     The story is told of a great circus performer who set out to do the seemingly impossible – to walk across Niagara Falls on nothing but a tightrope. It seemed insane, but he was determined to do it.

     Well, the big day came; it was a windy day, certainly not the kind of day to attempt such a dangerous stunt. As the crowd gathered, the performer asked, “Is there anyone here who believes that I can do this?” The crowd was silent – they looked at the great Falls, they looked at that tiny wire going all the way across – surely it was impossible – surely he would fall – surely that day he would die!.

     He asked again, “Is there anyone here who believes I have the ability to travel on this tiny wire across these great Falls?” There wasn’t a sound, and then one man stepped forward who was pushing a wheelbarrow. He said, “Yes, I believe that you can do it. And I believe that you can push this wheelbarrow across with you.”

     The performer focused on this man as he walked toward him and his wheelbarrow. “You truly believe this?” The man was emphatic, “Yes.” “Then I am ready”, the performer said. “I will cross these great Falls – I will push this wheelbarrow with me across this Niagara Falls – and one more thing – you, sir, will go across with me – get in the wheelbarrow!”

     Just how many times do we have a thought, a leading, a strong call to DO, but we end up instead sitting and doubting, and the “DO” never comes.
     Today, this year 2017, if you feel lead of God to do – if you are determined to accomplish great things for God – if you have determined to rise above what others think you can do – if you are prepared to face the adversities and failures that you will surely encounter along the way – then get in the wheelbarrow – 

                                            God is ready to push you across.

     P.S. we need more prayer warriors for our nation. Have you committed yet this year to DO for God and for our America? 
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