NM Alliance for Life Lawsuit – Jessica Duran vs. Southwestern Women’s Options Late Term Abortion Clinic


By: Laura Garcia-Rosecrans

15310724_1457834454244438_1682773951_n“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

This quote was on my mind all morning on December 5, 2016. I had the honor of being invited by Elisa Martinez, Executive Director  of New Mexico Alliance for Life to speak at a press conference that was hosted by her organization at 9am at the Student Union Building at the University of New Mexico.

I am always at awe when it concerns my Pro-Life brothers and sisters. The courage they show when it 14971857_1217670354993562_2071995307_ncomes to standing as David did when he faced Goliath in the book of 1 Samuel 17. Elisa Martinez and Michael Siebel have been hard at work for many many months leading the charge with the investigation concerning Southwestern Women’s Options Late Term Abortion Clinic and UNM Health Science Center. This lawsuit is the culmination of their labor with their organization New Mexico Alliance for Life. Elisa spoke at the press conference regarding the history behind the lawsuit.

15356034_1217672418326689_1001832774_nSade Patterson was in attendance and spoke as well representing Students for Life. Sade has been a solid Pro-Life advocate and is the reason we were able to get into the Lion’s Den of the University of New Mexico to do the Press Conference there to begin with.

15401443_1457834360911114_1175331356_nI, Laura Rosecrans, was there representing The HUB of New Mexico and Surrendered Hearts Abortion Recovery ministries and I was honored to be asked to speak regarding abortion and the detrimental affects of abortion not to mention the lies that the abortion clinics in our state push on women that cause trauma and pain. The HUB of New Mexico was honored to broadcast the event live on the air as it was occurring.

BUT … the real hero of the morning was a young woman named Jessica Duran who was directly affected by the unholy alliance of what is UNM Health Science Center and Southwestern Women’s Options. Jessica was coerced by the abortion clinic to have the abortion despite her very well spoken reservations. It appears 15387518_1217672068326724_1412396155_omaking money is more important to Southwestern Women’s Options – pretty standard faire for abortion clinics – than helping women and taking care of them and their needs. Jessica has come forth with her story and valiantly is taking on the giant that is Southwestern Women’s Options as well as UNM. I am proud to know this young woman and we at The HUB of New Mexico stand in support of her as well as New Mexico Alliance for Life.

PLEASE keep all involved in your prayers. Keep Jessica’s family in your prayers – her two small boys and her boyfriend. She has done what so many of us post-abortive women have been afraid to do – take on the abortion clinic that has caused her so much pain.

15301165_1457834334244450_1309445432_nKeep New Mexico Alliance for Life in your prayers as they continue on standing on the front lines fighting the battle of life in a state that embraces the culture of death. Pray that the UNM Board of Regents will finally take leadership of their University and put a stop to the macabre “research” that goes on at their so called “Flagship University” and pray for Attorney General Hector Balderas that he will finally do his job and investigate the illegal activity that has been going on at UNM for over 20 years.

The HUB of New Mexico would like to thank Congressman Steve Pearce for his continued support on this matter. His representative Bridget Condon was in attendance. Thank you to all who showed up to support us and especially to my incredible friend Becky Kennington who came to stand by me and took the live video for The HUB of NM and took pictures for us. Thank you to Sade Patterson for her amazing coverage and pictures!

And lastly, if you are a woman out there who has been hurt by abortion please go to abortioncomplaint.com to tell your story. It is time to stand up and speak up as our sister Jessica has so courageously done. You and your aborted baby deserve justice.


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