Dear People of God,

Pear Harbor brings up many memories for me. I am sad that many Americans do not bother to know our history. Many do not know of Pearl Harbor.

It is instilled in me forever. My Dad, Wally Moede (pictured) was in WW II, he was a Sgt. in the U.S. Marines, he enlisted at 17 years of age. Dad served in China, in Pearl harbor after the attack, and then was on a ship full of Marines to invade Japan before President Truman ordered two atomic bombs dropped on Japan.

I do not know if many Americans really know how close we came to invading Japan with ground troops. President Truman, by ordering the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki saved thousands and thousands of lives. It may be the toughest decision ever for a President, besides those made by President Lincoln.

Maybe if folks were taught history, true history, not fake history, man….the media and the internet is full of lots of baloney.  You see we now have generation after generation that does not know “true American history” It is just like the Bible, America has watered down God’s Word.

Sometimes I wonder if folks really know who the bad guys are. The death of Castro is the latest example on that….many Americans tried to glorify Castro, a communist and murderer.

My Dad instilled in me to leave my country a better place than I found it, I strive to do it everyday, just like my Dad. He came back from the war and became a Volunteer Fireman in Windom, Minnesota, his hometown, Custodian at the School, Sports Writer for the local paper, Head usher at Church then School Transportation Director. My Mom was my Dad’s right arm, and also cooked at the school while raising four kids!

More importantly, Dad was a man of God, he loved my Mom, Ruth, and all of us kids.

You better grab a WW II Veteran and learn from them, they are passing away from our land onto glory.

My Dad and Mom, pictured here,  are the main reason I am a Pastor. They gave me the Christian foundation. They taught me to be a servant, not to be served. I love that picture of me and Dad in his Fire gear! I later became a Volunteer Fireman in Osceola, Indiana. Wally and Ruth MoedeWally Moede Ruth Moede grave siteWally Moede WW II 2Dewey and Wally

Back in 2013 FGGAM writer Chuck Ring posted this:

Seventy-two years past on this day, America’s mettle and that of her fighting men and women were tested, perhaps as never before.  The day we commemorate as Pearl Harbor Day was confusing and most surprising as Japan sought to begin the destruction of our country. Many events have since transpired which have also tested our resolve, but this action, at its beginning would test us in a severe way.  Just a few veterans remain that saw  “a date which will live in infamy.”  But, a nation remains to remember those that died and to give continuing thanks to those remaining. Listen closely to FDR’s speech to hear that he does not say “day,”  as many still report;  his reference is to a particular day (December 7, 1941) but he says, “date.” The video and poster available below, each speak to our commitment in the past, and for the future.  Click on the link for the video: Roosevelt’s Speech – December 8, 1941

English: United States President Franklin D. R...
English: United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt signing the declaration of war against Japan, in the wake of the attack on Pearl Harbor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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