I Almost Didn’t Meet Dewey


I almost didn’t meet Dewey Moede.

At the time, my dad (Steve Freeman) was a pastor in Albuquerque. I was probably sitting at home in my PJ’s, eating cereal and listening to the radio – freshly graduated and married – and hard on the job hunt.

I remember my dad asking me if I wanted to come with him down to a Christian radio station for a meeting.
“Sure, why not?” I replied, hesitating. I almost didn’t go.

However, thanks to divine intervention (and more than a little curiosity), I got to meet one of the most heart-felt evangelists of our time that day.

Dewey Moede.
The man, the myth, the legend.
(If you’ve met him, then you know exactly what I’m talking about!)

He’s an all-or-nothing sort of guy; ready to roll up his sleeves and help however he can.
– He’s probably getting all teary-eyed reading this… that’s just the way he is (and I don’t think I’d have him be any other way).

Later, he ended up being my boss at KKIM radio. While in reality I only served a brief time there, working with Dewey felt timeless. I don’t know how many occasions he called me into his office with a ‘Hey bud, come here!’ just to talk, listen, and pray. To this day, he’s still one of the best people I’ve ever worked for. Countless people who stepped into his office were served. I don’t even begin to know how many people Jesus has used Dewey to help minister to. People who really needed something which only Dewey could give words to, or do – God sent the right man for the job.

If you’re reading this, God has sent Dewey your way, too. We’re a part of a great Ministry which Jesus first began, and which people like Dewey Moede help carry on into the countless lives and souls of future generations.

This Christmas season, help Dewey Moede and For God’s Glory Alone Ministries financially.
Help them with your time
Help them with your prayers
Help them continue to reach hearts, minds, and souls for Jesus Christ.

Besides, if not for a little divine intervention (and more than a little curiosity) where would your own soul, heart, and mind be today, if not for folks like Dewey Moede or For God’s Glory Alone Ministries?

– Merry Christmas

Ryan P. Freeman

About the author:
Ryan P. Freeman is a fellow adventurer and published fantasy author. After miraculously surviving childhood cancer and several near-death experiences, he launched into the world of AM talk radio, hosting his own live program out of Albuquerque. Ryan is a former International Red Cross guest speaker, Pastor, and medieval-enthusiast;dewey-windom-revival is an unapologetically proud kilt-wearer, and proud member of the St Louis Writers Guild. Ryan also contributes to The Scribe Literary Magazine. In his down time, his interests range from exploring real-world pan-mythology, survivalist camping, and copious video gaming.

Pictured to the right is Pastor Dewey at the BARC in Windom, Minnesota is hometown. He is speaking in the Library that he used to clean as a custodian while he lived in Windom, 39 years ago.



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