I have talked for years about who would possibly run for Governor of New Mexico. It has been a very disappointing time here in New Mexico with Governor Martinez and the helm. The state has gone backwards under her leadership, I should say, lack of leadership. Martinez can blame Michael Sanchez, and he gets plenty of blame and was voted out of office, but Martinez herself is greatly at fault. Martinez, in my mind has not much, if any Political future. For one, she has been silent about the continued murder of babies in New Mexico through abortion. The Albuquerque Journal is reporting this morning that Senator Tom Udall and Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham (pictured) and maybe even Rep. Steve Pearce are eyeing a run for the Governorship. Will Albuquerque Mayor Richard Berry run? The only one of this bunch that stands for life, is Rep. Pearce, he takes a bold stand for the sanctity of life! Both Berry and Martinez are Republicans, I guess, but are silent on the murder of babies through abortion and the dissecting of baby brains at UNM. Read more here on what the Journal has to say ABQ Journal Report

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