What Will Happen After The Election?


From Pastor Steve Stucker:

Morning Inspiration: Whatever happens, dear brothers & sisters, may the Lord give you joy. Philippians 3:1
Very soon, the results of this election will be most likely be clear. Whether your candidates win or lose, every believer will still have a solid foundation for great joy. Rarely in the history of mankind, has a nation offered it’s citizens the right to vote on their leaders. Our Founding Fathers recognized this as a gift from God Himself! In spite of all our massive problems, we continue as the beacon of freedom & hope for the world, which is why millions from other nations, flee their homeland for ours. The USA faces grave danger & great crisis, regardless of who is elected. Even as the world seems to grow crazier day by day, we who firmly believe in Jesus, know that God is in control, Be filled with joy for the time you have left in this life. No one person, regardless of their office, has the power to ruin your eternal salvation! Trust your future to NO human being, but only to the One Who made us all, & continues to hold the fate of our world, in the palm of His hand. Knowing these things to be the truth my friends, brings great joy to our hearts.

Steve Stucker
Men’s Ministry Team
New Covenant Church


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