What Is Obedience?




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Pastor Dewey and Sharon Moede:
My life is worth nothing unless I use it for doing the work assigned me by the Lord Jesus. Acts 20:24 


To Dewey’s Daily Cup

Dear People of God!

I have been up praying since 3am, yesterday it was 2:30am. God has lifted me out of bed to pray for America. Also to write at FGGAM.ORG and do podcasts.

I was moved by God to share this with you………

God wants us to arise and place our sins before Him, and call to Him for mercy. Let us confess before God how our self-effort and self-confidence have been the cause of every failure. AMEN! —-Andrew Murray

What is Obedience?
Servants of God do what HE directs. They obey. The servant does not have the option of deciding whether or not to obey. Choosing not to do what God commands is rebellion, and such disobedience has consequences. —Henry Blackaby

I pray you have a blessed day. God has exploded the growth of FGGAM Ministry, for HIS Glory Alone! We may be small, but God has shown me that we are reaching more people than ever before! PTL.

God has directed us to re-do the Dewey’s Daily Cup website, Isaac is working on that, please pray.

Thank you for your love and support of FGGAM.

Please remember that Obedience is the outward expression of your love for God.

Love in Jesus to you all, Dewey and Sharon

Please pray for us!

Today please read Matt. 12:50 and John 14:15-21 both on Obedience.


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