Tiny Verse-Huge Thanksgiving Challenge!


I am so very blessed to share with you the Thanksgiving Day message that God has given me! It is based on 1 Thessalonians 5:1-18, “Tiny Verse–Huge Thanksgiving Challenge” Let’s take a trip to Thessalonica! It was a very large seaport city…a very busy import trade center. If you go back to Acts 17, you will learn that Paul and Silas had left Philippi and traveled to Thessalonica where they began a ministry in the Jewish synagogue there. As a result of their ministry, we are told that many Jews and Greeks believed the gospel message and became part of the new Church. But Scripture seems to indicate that the majority of the Church members were of Greek decent. Why is that so important? Because Jews and Gentiles did not get along! Now please listen to my Thanksgiving Day message! Happy Thanksgiving!Dewey and Sharon in Oct

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