Happy Thanksgiving! Let us start our new sermon series based on Psalm 65! Please read that now, okay? Before we get started the Lord put this on my heart to also share with you this morning. As many of you know I arise early in my service to the Lord…anywhere from 2:30am to 3:30am……depending when Miss Daisy wins getting me up! LOL! Daisy is our little beagle! Anyhow, when I awoke this morning I saw I had a message from Chuck Akeley, an AWESOME man of God from Albuquerque. It was so inspiring in our LORD! It has given me much Godly energy! Chuck spoke Proverbs 16:24 all over me..Kind words are like honey….sweet to the soul and healthy for the body. So let us begin each day doing that for each other! Please now listen to the Thanksgiving message God has given me to share with you!

Remember to read and pray over Psalm Dewey life verse65.

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