Rasmussen Poll: Trump and Clinton Tied


Dr. Jim Denison Reported this just now:


According to the latest Rasmussen poll, the race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is tied. Each has 44 percent support among likely US voters. Among those who could change their minds, the two are tied at 36 percent each. And so the most contentious campaign in memory continues to trouble, fascinate, and polarize Americans

This from THE HILL yesterday……….Dems anxious over tightening race
Democrats are getting anxious one week from Election Day, with the presidential race seeming to tighten in the wake of a shock FBI announcement.An ABC News/Washington Post tracking poll sent shockwaves through Democratic ranks on Tuesday morning, when it found GOP nominee Donald Trump leading Democrat Hillary Clinton by a single percentage point among likely voters.

The poll also found that “strong enthusiasm” for Clinton had eroded by 7 points in recent days.

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