Good Morning Beautiful People…God Says, Everyone Is Worthy Of A Name


God Says, Everyone Is Worthy Of A Name…

I was privileged to be part of a team as a New York Additional Representative, who attended the 59th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW 59) at the New York site during 2015. Implementing The Beijing Platform For Action. 

I want to introduce you to a woman, I met, as part of our team last year. Tricia Ehman, Mother and Artist. Tricia shared her story with me and gave me permission to share with you. I titled this, God Says, I Am Worthy Of A Name.

This is what Tricia penned on the bottom of a smaller painting, she so blessed me with. Be encouraged and ask Him about your child’s name, if you haven’t already done so. Your child is worthy of a name.

eric-david ed2

Eric David

In February of 2009 I felt urged to paint the image of my baby that I miscarried nineteen years before. When I went on the computer to look at pictures of twelve week-along babies, I could not find anything that resembled the baby I had held in my hand. So crying my way through the painting, I painted what I remembered of that early morning birth experience.

Two months later my husband and I showed it to several ladies after an Act of Life event. One of them asked us if we knew the sex of our baby? Had we named Him? No, we believed we would learn that information when we went to heaven. She encouraged me to pray for God to tell us the name of our baby. Inspired by the painting, she continued talking about how it could be used to encourage others.

While she was speaking, I suddenly heard the Holy Spirit whisper that the name of our baby was Eric David. So he was a little boy! Once again She said we should pray about the name, and I replied, “God just gave me his name. It is Eric David”. I looked up at my husband and asked him if this was O.K. with him and he said “Yes!” We were all teary eyed.

Upon returning home I looked up the meanings of these names. I knew that I would have used the name David after my deceased brother, but I didn’t know why “Eric” was the first name. It wasn’t a family name. When I found out the meaning of the name, I was totally astounded and amazed!

Eric means forever and David means beloved. How appropriate for God to name him Forever Beloved.

I hope this gives you inspiration to pray for the name of your baby, no matter how young he/she is. God has a name for your wee one and I believe you will meet your baby one day.

Signed by Tricia Ehman, Mother and Artist


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