Happy Birthday Billy Graham!

I really got a great introduction to Billy Graham back in 1979 by working at KGCX radio in Sindey, Montana, my first radio job! I had to load Billy’s program on the reel to reel machine on Sunday afternoons and play it. I wonder of many people remember reel to reel machines??!! LOL! LOL! The program was “Hour of Decision” Man did it preach to me! It still airs on many radio stations! Billy has been so insturmental in my life! PTL!
From  Franklin Graham Facebook page:

Happy Birthday to my father Billy Graham–he’s 98 today! He told us three years ago that he might live to be 100—I hope he does! He once said, “God isn’t finished with you when you retire! We never retire from His service.”

I’m heading down to visit with him today at his home, and others in the family will be there as well. I know that he appreciates your prayers.

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(RNS) — Evangelist Billy Graham is “doing well” as he prepares to celebrate his 98th …

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