New ABQ Journal Poll: Governor Martinez’s Approval Rating Falls, Legislature’s Rating Even Lower


We are praying for Governor Martinez and the Legislature as they deal with very tough situations, a failing economy, New Mexico has one of the highest jobless rates in the nation,  low oil and gas prices, huge budget deficit, rampant crime, Police Officers being killed, children murdered, child hunger, abortion, failing education, heroin epidemic and on and on we can go, as we are in constant prayer for deliverance from evil. Abortion must end in the state and the Satanic things that they do to God’s babies at UNM must end. We pray that all look to our Lord Jesus Christ for the answers. Here is what a new poll by the Albuquerque Journal shows on how New Mexicans feel about how Governor Martinez is doing…..I would add that the State Legislature has a great deal of responsibility for the state of the state.  ABQ Journal Report This is all of our faults, not just the Governor and Legislature, we all have responsibility in the failures of New Mexico, we have allowed disobedience to God to take hold. I am not about Politics and party lines, I am about the ways of God and being obedient to Him. AMEN!

The Special Session continues………..

In the news

The New Mexico Legislature has approved its first deficit-reduction bill during a special session aim at closing a major budget shortfall.

No House budget in sight as day 4 of special session ends

KOAT Albuquerque11 hours ago

What happened so far at the special session

New Mexico Political Report2 days ago

More news for New Mexico Budget session

What is the first thing you think about when you awake in the morning? Today I would ask you to turn to Jer. 42:1-6. I would like to share with you on having a passion to obey God. There is nothing more important. Look at this world we live iDewey life versen, the chaos, it is because a lot of the world does not obey God. Being obedient to God is my goal in life. My life verse is Acts 20:24. Those who know the greatness and goodness of God….and those who seek to identify with Jesus’ life….have a great passion to obey God! Amen! Obedience is active, not passive. It is joyfully living out what we know to be true, right and good!

Obey God and leave all the consequences to Him.

God assumes full responsibility for all our needs when we obey Him.

Obedience always brings blessings.

The more we desire to be right before the Father, the more we will want to read His Word and listen for His voice.

I pray you have a great passion, a deep hunger, to obey God! Amen! PTL!

Study Source: Charles Stanley Life Principles Bible, get one please!

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