FGGAM has been a victim of this attack, the latest just moments ago. We are being attacked at least 800 times a day and our provider just took a hit, that brought us down for awhile. I beleive this problem is only going to get worse. FGGAM CTO Isaac Milleson is working very hard on this issue, doing everything he can. Please pray for the protection of the FGGAM website. America is so vulnerable against this evil.
Department of Homeland Security Investigating Massive Internet Attack
The department says it is investigating the massive attack on sites like Twitter, Amazon, Paypal and others that rattled Internet users in at least six countries.
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Internet Attack Spreads, Disrupting Major Websites

New York Times22 mins ago

Users of Twitter, Netflix and other sites reported failures after a company managing crucial …

East coast Internet service attack resolved

USA TODAY53 mins ago
NBC News/Survey Monkey Poll: 4 in 10 Republicans Would Not Accept Election Results
It appears Donald Trump’s insistence for weeks that the election is “rigged” against him may have struck a chord with his supporters, even as a majority of Republicans resent his rhetoric.
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Clinton Campaigns in Ohio Where Polls Show Her and Trump in Virtual Tie
Hillary Clinton campaigned in Ohio on Friday as polls showed Trump narrowing her lead there — even as other reliably Republican states seemed to be now up for grabs.
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The Battle for Mosul: Fighting Intensifies as Iraqi Forces Near City
The closer Iraqi troops get to the center of Mosul, the harder ISIS has been fighting back. Both Iraqi forces and their American advisers say they are expecting a long guerrilla-style military campaign ahead.
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Northeast Floods Not Enough to Reverse Historic Drought: Experts
Flash floods struck the bone-dry Northeast on Friday and more rain is expected through the weekend — not enough, however, jto reverse one of the worst droughts in more than a decade.
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Troubled Bronx Woman Deborah Danner Was Battling Own Family When She Was Killed by Cop
Deborah Danner described her struggles with family and mental illness in a six-page essay before she was shot dead in her Bronx apartment.
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Study: No More Than 1 Hour a Day of Screen Time for Children Younger Than Five
The American Academy of Pediatrics released new recommendations Friday that relax some previous guidance to give families more flexibility but did set limits for young children’s exposure to screen time.
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Paying Back The Unsung Heroes of Georgetown University
A student at Georgetown University extended the hand of friendship to one of the many workers who keep that esteemed school running and the simple act started a movement.
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Donald Trump Says He’ll Accept Election Results ‘If I Win’
Trump Uses Harsh Language At Final Debate, Brands Clinton as ‘Nasty Woman’
Sotomayor on Scalia: ‘If I Had a Baseball Bat, I Might Have Used It’
Inside Underground Bunkers Where ISIS Fighters Lived Before Running for Their Lives

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