Good Morning Beautiful People…It’s No Debate


It’s No Debate…

Join me in praying for the unborn today, on Angel’s Prayer of The Day.

I wrote this several years ago and wanted to share it once again.

NO! Mommy Don’t Do It

Knock knock hi mom I’m here-do you sense me…do you feel me…do you know I am here. I’m connected in your womb. I’m your Jeremiah child….

Mom what will I be someday: A doctor, nurse, teacher or clerk. Oh Mom was does my future hold?

Mom you seem sad, depressed, anxious, confused are you Ok?

Mom your not happy about me are you?

Mom who are you talking to? What are they saying?

Mom No! No! I am not just a blob of tissue? No No that’s a lie!

Mom are you thinking straight? Can you hear my cry?

I want to live, I want to live, I want to live, Oh God I want to live…….

A quick procedure it’ll all be over soon, I heard them say……..Please God send someone to tell mom the truth I cry……

I sense the room is dark and cold, I sense I’m losing my life today…

I hear them talking again, I believe it’s almost time …

On no! It’s really true my mom she bought the lie…

Now I must die……..

I hear the noises, I feel the pain…….My life is over… it’s my end.

Mom I say good-bye……

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