Abortion, Strategies Needed… Angel’s Prayer Of The Day


Abortion, Strategies Needed…

At a recent woman’s retreat I was on, I was asked two questions. I wanted to share them with you today and ask you to pray for our nation.

My first question was-If you were sitting next to Jesus on a bus what would you  ask Him? This was my reply. I’d ask Him for strategies to reverse Roe V Wade.

My next question was-If you were given ten thousand dollars what would you do with it? My reply went something like this.  I’d start a television program addressing real issues, real people and their real destiny.

Beautiful people, if you had walked with, prayed with, and wept with the many women that have suffered the aftermath of an abortion as I have, you would be asking Jesus for some strategies as well. The suffering for many women is almost unbearable.

Today, let’s join faith and ask Jesus for some strategies. He said in His Word- Nothing is impossible.

Father, thank you for strategies. Oh God, we join our faith across this nation today and thank you for people who will stand to reverse the supreme court decision Roe v. Wade. You said God you were over the government, You said, oh God, you were watching over your Word to perform it.

I pray a strengthening of faith and boldness for your people today. Remove the scales from their eyes that they too will see the truth of what abortion really is. It is a Holocaust on the most vulnerable-the unborn. 

God, I pray people will see the truth of abortion for what it is. Only you, oh God, can change hearts and remove the blinders. I pray you would give women that have suffered the devastating affects of an abortion the boldness to speak out. For parents that lost the lives of their children on abortion tables across America, heal their wounded souls, I pray.

Father, all across this nation we are joining faith, praying by every means possible, and we are asking you to heal our wounded nation. Thank you for strategies, thank you for Your Word. Thank you for hearing and answering prayer. Thank you for safe houses all across America. Amen 

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=antqLO0OQ8s&w=560&h=315]

Have a blessed day beautiful people. Thank God for your life today and vote accordingly.



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