Pastor Paul Holt: There is Still Time for America to Repent, But Can We?


Over the weekend some Americans recognized the 15th anniversary of the attacks of 9/11. There were speeches made and presidential candidates stumbling and coughing but there were only a few calling for repentance of sin and a return to God.

Many believers who had an eye to see that America’s hedge of protection, which had taken for granted, had been removed.

The United States has enjoyed unprecedented blessing and prosperity, in part I believe because of our role in aiding the Jewish people during the holocaust.

The Lord has been warning the US for some time now, even before 9/11, to turn from our wicked ways, humble ourselves and pray, but we have been ignoring that warning. You may recall that in the 3 weeks following the attacks many Americans turned out for prayer vigils and church but that within a month that faded, there was no sorrow for sin, no desperate need to ask for God’s forgiveness, in fact you may have notice, America has gotten worse.

Not only did we fail to repent of our rebellion to God, but we doubled down on our sinful ways calling evil good and good evil. Just look around at the fundamental transformation of America and not just in government but in the people of America.

Look beyond the embrace of homosexuality and the transgender issues but at how marriage is no longer the rule but the exception for most people today. Look at how we are turning away from God and His truth so that say foolishly that there is no God and open the door to false gods and their lies that enslave us.

The United States has not learned from 9/11 and the death and devastation that resulted. Our hearts have become hard because of sin to the point where many people can not see the needs of others but only look to themselves. We are killing hundreds of thousands of children through abortion each year and the way we are dealing with the guilt and pain is getting drunk or high.

Because America would not repent of her wicked ways, her sin, we are embracing envy and greed, happy to steal the money others have earned. We don’t realize or care that it is creating poverty for us all.

Is it too late for the United States of America to turn from her wicked ways so that the Lord will hear from heaven and heal our land? I believe that it is not too late for God to heal America but it may be too late for America to repent and seek God because we do not have the ears to hear the call of God to repent.

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