The Unmaking of America by Football Players


There is an old saying that states “appearances can be deceiving” and that is certainly true in the case of Colin Kaepernick and his national anthem protests.

I have refrained from discussing this story until now because I wanted to better understand what is happening on America’s football fields not just professionally but from high school and college stadiums too.

On the surface this seemingly unpatriotic attack on the anthem and the stars and stripes is about police officers and the people being killed by them but there is more to it than that.

While Kaepernick is mediocre football player that according to some reports was close to being cut from his team and while he claims to refuse to stand for the national anthem because of black lives matters views, he is a recent convert to Islam and BLM has ties to Islam and George Soros and that sheds light on what is truly happening here and elsewhere.

Colin Kaepernick is now leading high school football teams in Oakland to protest during the playing of national anthem and schools are not even trying to stop him. Athletes on college football teams and soccer teams are joining in as well but this is not really to protest the racism they claim the American flag represents. What we are witnessing is the undermining of the United States, really the unmaking of the only nation to stand up to antichrist level tyranny.

The unmaking of America has been happening for some time now but what San Francisco’s millionaire second-string quarterback has done is bring division to what was once united. We once thought of our United States as indivisible but we are no longer one nation under God, are we?

Mr. Kaepernick was raised by his adoptive white parents with some variant of watered down Christianity and he was turned by a girlfriend to Islam which has as a stated goal to bring down the great Satan by any means necessary and division through race is the best way to achieve that goal.

As a veteran, I understand how easy it is to get upset about the flagrant disrespect being shown our flag and anthem but as a pastor and Christian I look for the truth behind what the enemy is doing. He wants to destroy what little opposition is left in the USA so that he can take over the hearts and minds of our people.

We must stand up to this evil directly and forcefully. We do not buy into the lie that our police are racist murderers looking to gun down every black man that they can shoot and we also do not believe that every black man is only looking to break the law.

We must stand with all Americans and clearly state that we will not be so easily divided. We will support our police unless they are proved to break the law and we will stand with all Americans and encourage lawful behavior fighting for anyone who is innocent and rooting out evil in the police and in the people.

America will not be undone by overpaid football players who would rather divide us than unite us and we will preach the gospel across the fruited plains to call for America to once again be one nation indivisible under God.

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