Emmanuel Ministries Camp Meeting Brought Unity to New Mexico



“Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all people.” (Psalm 96:3)
The Camp Meeting is over, but the fruit is already showing in New Mexico! Listen in as I interview Apostle Barbara Gould of Emmanuel Ministries International.

Myself and Pastor Richard Gordon attended last Saturday nights Camp Meeting and we were so blessed! One of the main things we saw was UNITY! UNITY for JESUS! If we are going to defeat the darkness in New Mexico we need more Camp Meetings like Apostle Barbara Gould and Pastor Sonia Haylett of Emmanuel Ministries held!

This Camp Meeting brought the body of Christ together! NO WALLS!

Please listen to our podcast, God Bless!

Pictured is Apostle Barbara Gould, on the left and Pastor Sonia HaylettNational Day of Prayer Barbara and Sonia

Barbara added this note…….

Mayor Gregory Hull, City of Rio Rancho and his wife attended the first night of EMI Camp Meeting. He welcomed our camp meeting to the City of Rio Rancho and shared his heart with us as the Christian leader of our city. He was glad to know that this event was occurring in the City of Vision and that the Native Americans would be involved as well. He asked us to let him know about the next one so he could, if possible, assist us to make it even better. We were truly honored by his presence.
We prayed for him, his family and the City of Rio Rancho. The congregation honored him as we all went up individually to greet them and thank him for what he is doing to make Rio Rancho the City of Vision.
P.S.: This was initiated by David Bearshield who took us with him to the mayor’s office and introduced us to him.
Thank God for His favor.

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